do not judge a book by its face

chatting with a friend in the desert… please do not take everything here seriously. these are all just for fun. just like that…

[01:24] k81: tagai kog online dating site na effective
[01:24] k81: pra makakita ko ug lake
[01:25] k81: hahahaha
[01:25] k81: i mean kalingawan
[01:25] rose: pag search sa google oy…
[01:26] k81: nag sign up nako diri sa myspace
[01:26] rose: mga batan-on man ng naa sa myspace
[01:26] k81: dili noh
[01:26] k81: amo manager nga briton naa cyay myspace
[01:26] rose: nag facebook sad ka?
[01:27] k81: face book diay
[01:27] k81: tangeee
[01:27] k81: dili diay myspace
[01:27] k81: ngieee
[01:28] rose: gosh bugash…
[01:28] k81: hahahah
[01:28] k81: kalagot
[01:28] k81: nag upload pa naman ko ug photo
[01:28] rose: single imo manager?
[01:28] k81: yeah
[01:29] k81: but im not his type
[01:29] k81: never
[01:29] k81: not a single attraction whatsoever
[01:31] k81: basta ako foreigner ako goal
[01:31] rose: mosupport jud ko ana
[01:31] k81: pero ako pa nang pangayu on ni lord
[01:31] rose: pero ayaw lng ng murag 5-6 og nawong sad, tatz
[01:32] k81: intawun dili lage ko ana
[01:32] k81: i dont even date here roseee
[01:34] rose: ayaw na anang US americans kay hinay na ang dollar ron
[01:34] k81: lage
[01:34] k81: euro lage
[01:34] rose: euro or pound or canadian dollar kay kusog
[01:36] k81: lage
[01:36] k81: hahahah

because of this, i updated my facebook account. please let me know who are in facebook here, and i’ll search you in that network and add you up. =) and, we’ll be popular…

and, now you know why i’m giving ‘how to find the one true love’ book to my friends. =) just like that…