briza christmas party

this is our 1st christmas party here. and for the 3 months we lived here, this is the 2nd costume party this place had. mahilig jud silag costume party. migi and meg did not join because i don’t want to go thru the hassle of letting them get into their costume.

pics here are just mostly us and random shots since, aside from us, i only knew less than 5 people in the crowd. =)

it was also the oathtaking of the newly elected HA officials. and, i only knew 1 of the officials, ang amo across the road neighborhood. =)

there was also exchanging gifts among the kids which we’re not able to join because, my bad, i did not read the notice/letter they sent out. =( this is like the 2nd time we missed some things here just because i don’t read details.