blahblahblah =)

been going out of the house every day this week.
*monday was christmas party

*tuesday, i’s suppose to pay the bills but ended up asleep, dead to the world, in office’ orange couch, and was up at 4pm. so just went home, then knew that fooda was open. so bring the whole house to fooda.

*wednesday, had my december OB-G check-up. we’re talking about my sched for the c-section operation. OB said feb 20 or 23. i wanted feb 8 or 18 so it would rhyme with 2008, duh. but OB said, they’re too early. but when Ob checked the baby, she said it’s quite big, and something about the position of the baby being ‘suhi’ so she ordered for me to get an ultrasound to check how old the baby is so we could determine the big day, and to see his real position inside my tummy.

*thursday, had the ultrasound. it’s a boy. really, we were expecting for a girl (my instincts are always mixed up). after that, went checking baby stuffs, and i got lost with all the baby abobots and did not know what stuffs should i buy. maybe because there were a lot of people doing their christmas shopping. girl stuffs are just cute. enough enough =)

*friday, later today, i’ll be out again to see my OB again to give her the result. according to the result, my expected due date is 2/24/08. operation is usually sched 1 week before that so i might still get my 18 =)

we also have to talk about my blood test chuva. last time with meg, we were not able to get some reserved blood because from all the samples we got, not one matched with my blood. so yes, the OB went with the operation without reserved blood. so pro’lly i’ll have some tests to undergo before my big day to check what’s wrong with my royal blood why it’s not matching with other type A+. basin alien ko. =)

looks like a busy january, 2008.