because orange is my favorite color

i had my toenails painted red last monday at colon. i was at colon to have some rubber stamps made. i called national bookstore if they make rubber stamps, and the staff who got my call answered, ‘sa colon ra man naay mohimo ana, ma’am. kanang kilid2x sa gaisano metro.’ that’s what you call customer service. =)

fast forward sa colon, the rubber stamp maker said it’d take him 30 mins to do the job, and yes naa jud mi sa sidewalk. beside him is an alley which has rows and rows of beauty parlors, and wow, full-packed jud sila tanan. so went inside one of the parlors, and a lola did my toenails. i really have not much experience with manicurista since i’m newbie at this but i can say she’s good. painless ever. =)

my foot is not big because i’m pregnant. it’s just dako jud kog tiil and so are my toes. as my friends call it ‘tiil sa mag-uuma’ (hacienda man sad ang giuma). sometimes, i’d feel that God’s 1st plan for me was to be a boy but for some reason, at the last minute, decided to give me a vagina instead. that’s the reason why i’m quite hesitant having my nails done because maowaw ko sa manicurista. but somehow my vanity urges is very strong lately. =) if other girls want some facelift, i want a foot/feet lift! i want feet nga makapainit! =)

and, also my sariling sikap finger nails. my emo fingernails. kampat ever but me loves it!