trick or treat! (the butterfly princess on chucks and the cowboy turned…)

how our first halloween party went?

meg did wear the butterfly/princess i got for her only after a lot of begging and promises and threats. but she refused to get into her white ‘formal’ shoes. instead, she insist on migi’s old red chucks (it’s her favorite lately). just to get over with it, so the chucks be it. she was never happy with her outfit, she was always complaining ‘yayay’ — meaning gikatlan na sya. =)

migi was another story. even after a lot of threats, robot/car/airplane bribes, and shouting, he never let us put the cowboy costume on him. we’re already tired of all the squabbles, so we gave up and let him just what he wanted to be.  typical migi — makes me think how to deal with this side of him when he gets bigger…

(the best picture i could get of them. migi — the monster in disguise literally. the butterfly princess on sneakers)

so he did not like the cowboy costume… but guess what he voluntarily asked me to put on him??? this happened after the party…

it’s maia’s buttefly outfit. yay!!! naay potential akong anak. he soooo loved it, he even slept with them.

we did not really enjoy much the event as it was raining hard from afternoon until around 10pm. so we did not get to join the trick or treat. we just make ‘tambay’ at the multipurpose hall where the other kids were staying. and, we’re not able to see the magic/clown show as it was still raining and the kids were already cranky, hungry. but we’re looking forward to next time…. =)