the lifestyle of rich and famous (inside my bag)

tagged from T. originally it’s ‘what’s inside your purse.’

honestly, i do not know what’s the difference between a purse and a bag. for me purse is coin purse but i think that’s another thing. purse looks like to me big enough to fit your keys and pa beauty. if that’s the case, then i do not have a purse. i need to have a very big bag that even the groceries would fit into it. i’m such a klutz and kalimtanon, so i need every thing to be inside my bag.

i do not have a bag collection. i’m not the type who matches her bag with her clothes/shoes/nail polish, etc. so presenting my one and only bag.

presenting the inside of my bag, this is at its most organized/cleanest/neatest state:

(what a mess!)

1. prehistoric ipod – keeps me entertained while commuting or waiting in line
2. ballpen
3. chapstick – which needs to be replaced for the love of life.
4. outdated nokia 1110 or 1100
5. rose petals from simala – this is believe to have some healing power

6. i don’t know what you call this. is this the kikay kit? or is this the purse? — it contains no kikay stuffs. only roll of tissue and toilet seat cover which i got from true value
7. my wallet – this is hand-me-down from my auntie inday. it’s been with me for 2 years. so this is quite old. inside it is also a mess. no bills, just coins, IDs, cards, old receipts and whatnots.

some ‘educational’ reading materials. this shows how chismosa and trashy i am. i bought from time to time mags to keep me entertained when commuting or lining to pay bills, process papers etc.
8. it’s yes magazine, october – the cover is already torn by my kids. it’s the one with camille prats and her boyfriend who knocked her up as the cover story. where she revealed that she’s pregnant, and that she’s going to the US to study. duh! and, that they’re bf-gf for 3 years but it was also mentioned she had relationships with like 3 or 4 guys made me wonder where did they get the 3 years. yay! enough of my being judgmental, i’m not a lawyer in the 1st place.
i recommend the september issue featuring pops fernandez revealation of her relationship with martin.
9. FHM – please, i do not collect FHM mags. the girls are all that pretty and sexy but read their interviews — they just do not arouse me intellectually. yay! if not for changkol who keeps prodding me to buy FHM because he’s there, not as a model though but as a maniniyot (photographer). his name only appears on the staff box though for this issue. look for charles buenconsejo, that’s him. i’ll check the nov issue where he said he has 5 articles in it.

and, papers/trash, masunog ko ani.
10. BIR/tax stuffs envelope — it’s beginning of the month, time for those vat/sales tax again. this contains tax forms, receipts, and other documents. i’m preparing it for the accountant.
11. etc envelope — this contains whatever papers, from important to trash. this is where all receipts, bills, bank slips, sss/pag-ibig/philhealth whatever stuffs go. i have all these because i’m the one assigned to do the bills, go to banks to PAY (not to deposit), process papers, etc.  i usually sort them out at the end of the month which paper should go to trash, to be kept, to be filed for tax.
last na jud.
12. hair brush
13. vitamins for the kids – i think this is rogeron with chlorella bought from rose pharmacy
14. a piece of some kiddie /happy meal toy.

yay, ubay2x jud og sulod ako kaban. i realized this is more apt to be called ‘what’s inside my schoolbag?’

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