post halloween horror

contractor for smart were here earlier to put up the antenna for our internet connection. but then they only get up to an upload of 80 which they said is ‘hagbong.’ so they did not finish the installation, and said they’ll report this to smart. and, it will be smart people who will be coming over here to set-up the antenna and all. i hope these ‘smart’ people can make it.

on the other hand, the system restoration of globe here in cebu is done but still our connection is still boinkers. knowing that they can no longer blame that system restoration for our slow connection, i’m now starting to haunt them until they have my connection on the right speed. for today, they said, their tech people are still working on our problem. okay, wednesday, i’ll call you back.

i have started to come to accept that taga-bukid na gyud mi, and dili uso ang internet diri. haaayyy… we’d even tried the visibility here but it has no reception.

why i’m making such a big deal about it because i work online. imagine a 90 upload speed (this is the most we can get but believe me it can go down even to 45). for a voip (telephone over internet) to work, it needs an upload speed of at least 90, more preferrably 110. but then i browse the net while talking over the phone to assist some customers… so voip plus internet browsing on a 90 upload speed — it’s making me want to cry… i constantly break on the phone, and the customer has to wait and wait and wait while i open this and that program.. so customer complaining me always breaking, and commenting that i’m slowww —- di ba ka saputon sa GLOBE!!!!

(mura’g di pa jud ni last nga post about my internet life)