one more chance — the popoy and basha(sp?) love story

— really, it’s sooo annoying listening to john lloyd saying ‘basha, bash’ (bea’s name) at the start of the movie. no wonder bea/basha split up with him for space (and finding herself) to find herself. =)
— bea and john lloyd here have this intimate scenes which is not the usual johnlloyd-bea pa tweetums scenes. i find it ‘gilok.’ hehehhe
— and, i’m so going to have that bea/maja haircut. the gretchen barretto short hair kind of cut.
— being the masochist, i’m all for maja’s character here.
— erik santos sounds so gay singing the soundtrack, i’ll never go (?).

i enjoyed the movie. but being the married with 2 + 1 and another 1 on the way kids, i cannot totally relate with it.  (when i say ‘relate,’ i mean bawling/crying the entire movie and do not find the story line corny or petty.) i mean ‘finding myself’ is like the last thing in my list, it probably is not in my list. it’s now all about meeting both ends since i’m no gretchen barretto. hay, kalingaw jud anang uyab2x oy. =)

anyhoot, if you’re single, just broke-up, or in a relationship (the bf-gf level, not the married with kids level), or married but have no kids yet, and you’re a crybaby — pag-andam og habol kay magbaha gyud sa imo luha.
if you’re married with kids and most probably jaded — something to be kilig about, and to scrape off a little of your being jaded. apili sad og pop corn to pop the corniness. =)