of friends and such

i get to communicate with a friend lately because she’s in trouble, happy kind of trouble.
she needs some financial help, which is really some matter of life, of giving life
since, i’m broke
i emailed a friend who i rarely communicate with since she went to the desert(sp?)
to help me help the other friend
i know this is a bit sad situation, but i was happy that because of this, the three of us get to communicate again after a long time
as the saying goes, true friends are there both in good times and bad times (i don’t know how to make this sound more poetic)
in my/our case, you can expect them most during bad times
the friends who most of the times don’t bother to reply to some celebration invites or to your season/birthday greetings or to send out their physical address so you can send them something (but i do understand, aside from our different work scheds/locations, they’re also working hard to support their siblings/family)
but in time you raise a help flag, surprising but they do not just email back, they’d call, and would do crazy stuffs just to help you out
and after the storm, yay, they’re gone again. =) (must be because we’re done with the happy times)
hay my friends, they’re just like that. and, i hate, and love them more for that, and most grateful for that.