my 1st balikbayan box experience

i remember way back my elementary days, when expats/ofw’s are rare, you’re kind of sikat if you have a father/mother/relative in abroad. how i’d get so ‘suya’ when 1 or 2 of my classmates, whose father/mother are abroad, would then have those m&m’s in colorful canisters, or their barbie dolls included in the ‘package’ sent from their mom/dad. especially during christmas time, they would then be talking about their incoming ‘package’ — just imagine the loots inside it. back then,  i did not have any close relatives who are abroad thus i really have not experience that ‘package2x’ thingy.


so my aunt and my cousin arrived last saturday. she said she has not bring anything because she no longer what would fit us but then there she was with 4 balikbayan boxes.