FHM (for hide magazine)

i bought my 2nd fhm mag, the nov2007 issue, because i promised changkol to patronized that mag while/because he’s there.

for the 2nd time, i observed that mag stands in malls do not display it on purpose. you have to ask the attendant if they have it or not. the first time, i bought one from a mag stand in cinema level of ayala. i had to ask the salesgirl if they have it. then, they started to put it in some recycled newspaper-made wrapper but stopped them because i’m going to read it right away anyway while waiting for our movie.

the 2nd time, i got it from filsbar in sm cinema level. this time, i need to ask the staff again if they have it. the staff has to pull the magazine from somewhere before they showed it to me. so i told her i’m getting it but then i have no cash so told her i’d be back. so after i had my cash, went back there and paid. and, they already put in some plastic bag. when i opened the plastic bag, i was surprised they covered the ‘cover’ of the mag with some newspaper. what’s the deal — it’s kind of funny in i-don’t-get-it kind of funny. i don’t think it’s that graphic or sthing. ay, whatever. it now made me think, a pregnant woman carrying an fhm mag — does it look sooo baddd?!?