Buntisan FAQ

Unsa’y mas sakit, caesarean or normal delivery? Usually, the q comes from first time expectant mothers. Or, from friends who plan to have c-section when they’ll give birth.

I really do not know which is more painful as I never tried normal delivery. One thing for sure, either way, there is pain. Though, there is painless delivery right now but still I do not think it is 100% painless. Maybe pain is not there, but the anxiety, stress, kahadlok and all are still there.

From my own understanding, I’d answer that pain in c-section and normal delivery may come in different time/stage. If you’re on normal delivery, I assumed, pain happens during labor, the pushing out of the baby, and then you’re done. Though, you have to recover from the stitch done below down under – maybe there is no pain in this stage but it might be replaced with the uncomfyness. So I assume, in normal delivery, once you’re done delivering the baby, you can now breathe!

In c-section, especially if you’re on a scheduled c-section, you will not go through labor, the pushing and all. As far as I can remember, following are what will happen during c-section:

  1. After all the stats check, you’ll be then wheeled into the OR.
  2. Anesthesia is injected — I do not really feel pain but more of the ‘ngilo’ feeling and the fear (fear that the anaesthesiologist might insert it in the wrong place, you can be vegetable after that. God forbid! I consider this the scariest part of the whole operation.) Minutes after the anesthesia is injected, you’d start to feel half of your body go numb until you totally feel nothing. Another side effect of anesthesia to me is I’d be chilling/shaking. So the whole time during operation, I’d be shaking even until I’m in the recovery room.
  3. Then, the slicing and opening of your tummy, and getting out of the baby is done – this can be done like in 15 minutes or less. They need to get the baby fast before the anesthesia could penetrate the baby’s system. It’s the stitching and the cleaning that can take some time. But all in all, the operation can be done in 30-45 minutes. No pain there.
  4. After that, you’ll be in recovery room for 2 hours (me thinks). No pain here, but the uncomfyness starts.
  5. The pain starts when the anesthesia wears out. I don’t know to what exactly I’ll compare the pain but just imagine toothache times 1000000 times plus just a little move, and it’s crazy! But don’t worry, pain reliever is the answer. Just ask the nurse to give you pain reliever. Pain reliever is done through your IVs if you’re not allowed to have any intakes yet.  Beware though, you’d experience pain for a few minutes after it is injected into your IV (quite ironic). Pain reliever does not totally remove the pain, there is still pain but more bearable, uncomfy bearable.

So for c-section, the pain sets in after the baby is out. The healing of the cut can really be a betch. The thing here is there is the baby. If you just have your wound to think of and care of, I guess the pain can just be ignored. But, my experience in Velez, they’d let you rest for a day, then the following day, the baby will then be given to you. So if you’re a first time mother and never have experience with infants, horrorrrr!!! And, don’t forget the breastfeeding. In my case, my milk usually comes after 3 days. So the uncomfy feeling of the wound, the pain, learning to handle the baby plus learning to breastfeed plus constant fondling of your tits to get the milk out plus medical staffs constantly checking your stats and asking how’s the breastfeeding – postpartum depression!!!

For the first 3 days, moving is really such a betch!!! It does not help when nurses and medical staffs constantly asks you to move. Oh please, people, can’t you see I’m dying!!! But really you have to move, moving heals the wound faster according to them. And, watch out when you cough – makashagit jud kag magpa ligate na ko!!!

Shyet, naa pa jud ng catheter. The inserting and the removing of that thing – pakshet! Watch out after the catheter is removed, you might feel some jolting pain the first time you weewee. Any pain you’ experience somehow connects to your wound in the tummy, so ampo na lang og Our Father… The weewee and the poopoo could really take a lot of effort.

Other mothers I asked who undergone c-section said they do not feel much pain. So basin sa ka OA lang nako. In my case, I might be as big as a whale, but cuts small as papercuts can make me faint.  Imagine kon dako kaayo na nga hiwa, I cannot stop imagining that the stitch will give in and maabli ako tiyan, the intestines and blood will then burst out. The physical pain plus the emotional/mental torture/pain… Unsa, gusto pa ka pa magpa caesarean?!?

After 3 days, moving is not really that painful. Two weeks, you can say you’re on way back to your old self. But total healing can be up to a month. By the way, you need to clean and dress your wound every day. And, I think you’re not allowed to have it wet for a month or until the wound dried up. You have to be resourceful in taking a bath. What I do is cover my wound with plastic every time I take a bath. Really, such a betch!

You know, after sliced twice, the delivery/giving birth is nothing to be majorly worried about. Instead, prepare yourself more for the scenarios to come after giving birth, when the baby is out. Basta, makaingon jud ko pwede ibalik ang bata sa ako tiyan.  Take it from someone who gets pregnant 3 times in a row. =) Or, basin OA lang jud ko.

So yes, about pain, the only thing I’m sure is c-section is more painful to the pocket.