baby couture bags

as in i just saw this cute bags, diaper bags that they claim you can also use as your everyday bag. bags that macho papa will not be afraid to carry.

please see more here . perfect gifts for baby showers and for yourself. prices range from 699-1000 i think.

ggeezzzz, i sound like an ad here.

anyhoo, my point is i’ll be ordering 1 or 2 so if you’re interested to get one or 2 also, please let me know because maybe we can save with the shipping and maybe we can contact and order from the maker itself and have it more cheaper. the key word here is CHEAP which is synonymous to ROSE.

i’m eyeing for these styles:

i’m now high in fashion! =) (tungod jud ni nimo, karenjen!)
bytheyway, what does ‘couture‘ mean?

edit: i checked rustans cebu, and they have it. glady (glad bec i wont get to spend), i lost my ‘gana’ seeing them up close and personal.