wala mi internet cafe or mangayo or namaligya’g computer

we do not have that kind of money to have that kind of businesses!!!

People, especially those who belong to the almost senior citizen group or those people who are not so into computer/internet technology have this funny feedback when i say my bana is a programmer. I usually get the following feedback from different kind of people:

1. Kabawo diay mo ayo og computer imo bana?  then, usually continued with, ‘Naay guba computer sa amo, pwede iya tan-awon.’ Or, ‘Na virus-an amo computer, pwede palimpyohan nya.’ Or, ‘naa mo’y computer shop para ayohanan sa computer.’
—> i WAS guilty of this. when mark just became my boyfriend, and then my relatives knew that he’s into computers, they all then sent their broken computers to mark. the thing is mark is a software programmer, he maybe be able to know what is broken in the computer but it does not mean he can also fix it. I guess just like other professions, like doctor, programmers have different areas of specialization. =) and, i think anybody can fix computer or kill virus.

2. ‘Naa mo’y internet cafe.’
– i often got this feedbacks when i was working out some papers for BIR. from DTI, to mayor’s office, to BIR, when they saw ‘computer programs’ as type of business, their first reaction is, ‘maghimo mo og internet cafe? pila kabook computers?’ sometimes, it feels disappointing to get this comment from government people catering to the business sector. huhuhuhu… it seems like they only watch soap operas on TV. demmit ABSCBN and GMA.

3. ‘Mamaligya mo og computer.’
– if i would answer number 2 with, ‘no. dili internet cafe amo himoon. kanang maghimo og programs.’ their next reaction would be, ‘mamaligya mo og computers.’ hay, forget it!

4. ‘Kabawo mohimo og website diay imo bana. Pwede magpahimo nya.’
– yes, and anybody nowadays can do that. as mentioned, programmers have different specialization. my bana can mostly create a website for you, but given his artistic capability, you’ll end up with pure texts website. i guess, graphics people are the best website maker. (or, ako ra sad ni wrong assumption about graphics people?)

5. Being close to a programmer, some people think that I become an instant computer know-it-all. Relatives would call me asking advice on what specs to buy for a computer. Porjosporsanto, the only computer part I’m mostly familiar is the monitor. =) Or, asking me what is the best anti-virus software.

6. And, I think this is like the most far-out comment I got and to think it came from a close friend. She was asking if my husband can make a company LOGO for their website. huhuhuhu…

The other day mark told me that pag-ibig (our housing loan is still on process) called him at the office, and their conversation goes something like:
PI: ‘Unsa ni inyo, sir, internet cafe?
Mark: Kanang dili.
PI: ‘Ah, mang-ayo mo og computers?’
Mark: dili sad.
PI: ‘Mamaligya mo og computers.’
Mark: dili.

Thus, I’m reminded to post this.

So when people ask what my husband does, if I feel like they’re not into computers, i’d simply answer them with —  ‘Naa sa mandaue ako bana nag work.’ — and, i let them think that my husband works in one of the factories in mandaue. (no pun intended) Then, mostly case dismissed. I no longer have to explain what a programmer does. Because even if I’d explain it to them, the won’t get it. And, it’s such a pain looking at them trying to understand my explanation about computers, internet, software.