UP UP and away

went to UP cebu yesterday. mark is planning to go back to school…. =) like after 6-8 years. =) for moral support, i went with him, and also was dion and his wife. dion worked before in up cebu so he knows some of the current admin people in up cebu so he knows who to approach and such. so we went there to inquire for requirements, how to get started and suchness.

anyhoo, it’s been quite a loonnng time i have been to up cebu. of course, i pass by it from time to time but not really go inside the school. as much as i want to go to that place but i avoided it because profs might notice me (feeling miss popular) and then might ask what’s up with my life, and maowaw ko wala ko ikareply aside from 2 na ako anak and buntis na sad ko. =) haha. i wish i have better answer like i won a palanca award (huh?), or i just won the last election – i’m now a councilor of townname, or i just came from a trip insertcountryname, or i just got my masters in blahblah and i’m now on my way to doctorate, or i just quit my job to start my business. =) so that they would not feel they’re wasting my time on me or that people’s taxes were wasted on me. =)  

i don’t know, but up cebu still looks the same and feels the same aside from the some new and renovated tambayans. bytheway, the cr in old building is now with tiles, like tiles that you saw in cebu homebuilders. the cars parking there are like the usual cars that i’d seen before, the looks of the student are still the same. that look, not really the striking kind of look but more of like don’t-judge-the-book-by-its-cover look. =) hehe. i so wish i had a brought a cam with me. so nostalgic.

while sitting there, waiting for mark, i was thinking i wish i did more back in college. i was like a drifter back then, i was just like going where the wind blew me. all i wanted was to be done and out of school at that time (and, when you’re out of school, you then wish how you’re back at school). i wish i did a ‘carpi diem’ back in college, like do and try this and that, make mistakes here and there. at least when you’re a college kid, mistakes are like expected from you. hay, enough of this drama.

i wish mark will be accepted though. we were laughing imagining how he would look like when he’ll be back in school, with younger classmates, and a teacher who’s his classmate back then. we wonder if he would fit in the chairs. =)

and, oh, mdm reyes is no longer the college secretary. it’s already mdm rodriguez. i love both these teachers! =) (calling calling michelle rodriguez, my batchmate, ipadawat sa imo mama si mark please kay 3 na tawn kabook iya anak. hehe)