my week… and so ti’s all about me me me and me

i had my monthly check up, and every thing sounds fine with my baby according to my OB. but my baby is kinda big  according to her she then proceed to tell me a horror story about ripped c-sarian stitches to scare me off. hay, lami man gali ikaon di buntis, how much more kon buntis! but, for my baby’s sake, i’ll cut off the coke for starter!!! huhuhuhu, kalami na lng jud sa coke ig buntis ka!!!

we got a call from pag-ibig that our loan is approved finally. it’s a happy news but it also means we’ll be in debtness for yearssss. we still have more paperworks to do. endless paperworks. but,  dear God, i’m not complaining!

i realized that we’re living here for a month already. but i do not know my neighbors yet, even our next door neighbors to the left, to the right, and right across the roadness. except from the backgrounder stories the previous owner of the house told us about, i know nothing much about them:
* the house on our right, they’re the only ones we exchanged hi and hello’s but no introductions so until now, i do not know their names. all i know is that the mom is a school nurse of USP, her daughter has just passed the nursing exam and was a classmate of mark’s cousin. the father is paralyzed and so is staying at the house whole day but i never see him once. they have the habit of doing their laundry during sundays up to late nights. and, i think they’re the only ones i still know who use palo2x this time.
* the house on the left are both nurses. that could be the reason that i do not see them at all. if i bumped at them in other places, i would not know we are neighbors. they don’t have kids but they have beautiful dogs.
* the house across us, since they’re very visible to us (sila gud ang main view sa amo bintana), their faces are most familiar to me plus the fact that the father is a friend of mark’s uncle. they have 2 school age kids. so both couple working and kids at school, most of the time, it’s only the helps are in the house. i just knew that mother is a board member (or is she the head?) of the HA. thus the reason why we are reprimanded for parking the car in the street? but it’s a whole different story. =)

This place is very quiet  compared to where we lived before. For me, it’s such an event to see a passing car in mid days… 2pm-4pm, this place is like in total dead silence except for migi and meg’s screams. it feels like you’re in the middle of green green fields or in the middle of kabukiran,  it’s all peaceful and quite. but just replace the green fields and kabukiran with rows and rows of houses, and it translates to silently boring. =)

wala pa ko’y ka ‘desperate housewives!’

wednesday, i, together with mark and the boys, watched ‘the seeker.’ it’s more of i watch the first few minutes, sleep almost the entire movie, woke up just in time for ending. and, all i could hear is the word ‘sign’ from little time i saw the movie. =)