if there are invitations from other multipliers which i do not like, i just leave them as is. i do not click on decline because for me it’s like rejection. and, i do not like much the feeling of being rejected. anyhoo, the invites which i usually do not approve are mostly from those people that sell something over the net, or from those highschool kids (who i think are not really caring who they are inviting and i think they do not even remember if they invited me or not). i have nothing against highschoolish kids  but i just don’t understand what made them invite me. we surely do not have much in common. i rant about my crazy kids, parenting habit while they rant about their exams, studying, teachers, school stuffs.

anyhow, i’m just surprised that the past few days, i’m seeing ‘for sale’ posts and unlikely posts in my contacts. when i check my contact list, i suddenly have approved invitations which i do not remember approving. oh well, glitches happen!