i’m not really for halloween costume party/trick or treat or whatever you call it. i find it overrated. maybe because it’s about costume. and costume for me is fashion. and fashion is just not so me! or maybe because i’m such a cheap mother. i don’t want to spend on some costume which will only be used once, and jsut for like how many hours, and it might even include some ‘force/fistfights’ just to get my kids wear it because demmit i spent money on it you better wear it. =) yes, cheapskate!

well, the thing is the place we are in now has this annual halloween costume party for kids. yay! of course, my kids are joining. =) i’m just a cheapskate not a snob. hehehe. the first costume idea that popped into my head is shredded ‘sako sa harina’ with blood stains and ‘kalkag’ hair (sisa is that you?) but my kids might look overdressed. overdress as such that my kids will look scary as in real scary that other kids might be scarred for life upon seeing them. and halloween party is not to make your kids look scary. it’s about making your kids look cute in some cute-scary outfit. =)

the other day, we went to sm. i really have no plans of buying outfits unless migi and meg are with me because they might not like my choices (they’re already in the stage where they would insist what they want). but we passed by a booth that was selling all about halloween costumes. so i looked and looked, and got the feeling that basin mahutdan ko. so i picked up a cowboy costume for migi because the salesguy was like saying it was the bestseller. and, to be on the safeside also, i opted for it as migi might scared with the other costumes. for meg, i wanted to get those witchy kind of dresses but there is no available size for her. so i ended up buying this butterfly outfit. it looks like some princess dress, not really a halloween costume i would say but wa na’y lain.

at home, i was excited to try the stuffs on them… and the thing i dreaded most happened — they do NOT like the costumes! so much for my fashion talent. come to think of it, panghadlok pa gali na na fashion.