C as in Simala

my aunt, auntie vilma, from my mother side is on chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 6 months after her breast operation. it is sort of her habit/routine/vow that a week before her scheduled chemo, she will visit the virgin mary in simala to ask for strength.

auntie cling2x and auntie vilma

so before her 2nd scheduled chemo, we joined her family in their trip to simala. it was my first time to see auntie vilma after her 1st chemo. it kind of pull a string in my heart when i saw her almost hairless. it’s just not my usual ‘maldita/strikta-looking’ auntie vilma (imagine highschool spanish/physics teacher), the aunt who can cook killer ‘dinuguan,’ ‘humba,’ ‘patatim,’ and any hypertension-inducing dish. there was no hint of sadness or hopelessness from my aunt, she’s still the usual feisty woman but seeing her hairless cannot stop me from thinking that this can be it. though, i’m not really close to her, but of all my relatives in my mother’s side, her family is one that i get to see most often, and, i do not like to let go of her yet, her killer dinuguan. but of course, i know she will survive this.

the place is beautiful.  enough said. =)