all i want for christmas

i don’t have a christmas list yet, and i don’t think i’ll have one for this year. i don’t like to say we’re poor because i believe in self-fulifilling prophecy (tinooron nya ni Papa Jesus.). let’s just say that we have money but it might come to us next year pa. heheheh. (dear God, please make it on 1st quarter of the year kay manganak na ra ba ko. please be reminded na c-section ko.) 

giving is receiving so please let me receive so i can give. =)

to the point of this blah… all i want for christmas is a Lesportsac(sp?) big bag. i have one and only, and it’s already worn out and so ghetto-looking already. hehehe. please ayaw lang sad ng ‘imit,’ its price is just 1/100th of those LV-balenciaga-or-whatever-is-in-the-closet-of-gretchen-barretto. so yes, so affordable. i do not have a bag collection, so that gift will be used to the max from wet market to formal occassions(sp). heheheh… see, it will be such a treasured gift. =) for those who will give, you will receive a bag with all the expensive logos/brands in it, in return of your kindness.