on a lighter mode

i’m on semi-leave from work this month. the result of my last check up was not so good. the OB has a hard time detecting the heartbeat. but the the ultrasound showed that the heartbeat rate and the baby are owkei. last month’s (august) visit to OB, i was also advised to take a rest because of the eeny weeny hemorrhage(sp?) showing on the ultrasound but i just ignore it because i thought, ‘duh, it’s just nothing.’ but this time depsite the owkei result from ultrasound, i don’t want to take chances so i asked my manager if i could go on leave just this month.

it was difficult for me to decide to go on leave because work is sooo busy with the start of school plus new people coming in that needs training, it’s a bit chaotic. so i told mark, ‘makonsensya ko to leave the group now.’ and mark answered back, ‘aha man ka makonsensya? sa imo kauban o sa imo baby?’ that was such a knock2x on the door.

so i’m not working for this month but my manager still asked me to work 1-2 hours to train the new girl. gawd, i hate training!!! i think training is fine as long as the trainees are like promil kids, smart people. but if the person you need to train needs coaching, step by step guide, spoonfeeding, FORGET IT!!! i do not have patience for it. but i do not want also to just drop her off because ‘makonsensya’ ko that i’ll be the reason why she never get accepted. she has this ym pic with her boyfriend pa man. =) and, she’s pretty with all the boobs. =) i’m so bad!

**also, i’m no longer doing the tax works. mark’s mother discovered that i’m doing a lot of mistakes that might cost us a lot of penalties thus we now leave everything to the accountant. i did the accounting on my own because  i’m a such a cheapskate*. i wanted to save on getting accountant, and i thought i was too smart for it (i thought it was just all about tallying the expenses and such but but but) so i acted ms. know-it-all doing the taxes. i’m just glad we learned about it as early as now so we can fix whatever damages i had done. =) lesson of the story, ‘better not bother with tax.’ just kidding.

**i’m not sure if it’s with my pregnancy or it’s just naturally me — i’m always sleepy. of course, i always love to sleep. but this time, i really get tired easily and i really cannot help myself from dozing off. and, i hate it because i’m being extra lazy. lazy is acceptable but over extra lazy is too much!