(last) friday night

last friday was fun… it was godo’s (now dr. gwendolyn donan) thanksgiving party, and margie just came from taiwan so i got to see my highschool friends. =) we had dinner at godo’s.

godo, the girl in brown tops.

then after that we went around cebu city to give margie a tour of what she might have miss for two years. then, we stayed at the new sykes buidling to see more friends. i saw nina — great to see her before she will fly to some paradise.

margie, the sexy girl beside me. kaon na sad bisan gikan pag party.

then, we went to paseo because we thought it’s the new thing that margie should see. it was also my first time to be there.

nisayaw jud ko sa paseo kay first and last na to nako. ug ako ra jud ang nisayaw nila while they were laughing at me! baylihan gud to so dapat lang mobayli ta!

then, we bumped to another highschool friend, junrey, who just got married. and, nakalibre jud sya namo while he ranted about his 80t+ wedding photo coverage! =)

went home around 430am which is saturday na… =) =) =)