i want to be a startupper

i’ve done reading Founders at Work (Stories of Startups’ Early Days) by Jessica Livingston. It’s one of the books in mark’s list. he gave it to me and said that the book would greatly interest me because it’s some kind of a chismis. =) yes, it was a fun read.

the book contains interviews of founders of startup internet/computer tech business. sorry, no multiply founder included in it. =) it has:

Max Levchin of Paypal — he’s got a thrilling story.
Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail — my 1st email was with hotmail. i remember it was rst18@hotmail.com but i no longer have this.
Steve Wozniak of Apple Computer — before, i always thought of apple as steve jobs. but the other main man of apple before (yes before, because i think he’s no longer working in apple but i believe he is still a shareholder. correct me if i’m wrong though.) is steve wozniak. he’s the engineer guy. of all the founders interviewed in the book, for me, he’s the most humble guy. he said something like he can’t believe that with apple, he’s able to buy a house and travel to hawaii. for someone who made the apple computer to say that, what a humble man.
Joe Kraus of Excite — i remember this site back the early days i found internet.
Mitchell Kapor of Lotus Development — they’re like the ‘karibal’ of MS Office before.
Evan Williams of Blogger — the blogspot guy. he was all left alone when he sold the thing to google. lucky guy!
Tim Brady of Yahoo — before google, i was like all for yahoo!
Paul Buchheit of Gmail — i’m not sure if you can consider gmail as startup. i think the author was not able to get the google gods, sergiebin and larrypaige (sorry for the spelling), so to make up for it she instead interviewed this paul buchheit guy. he’s the 23rd google employee. this kinda disappoint me because i was looking forward to segiebin and larrypaige.
Joshue Schachter of del.icio.us
Mark Fletcher of Bloglines — before bloglines, he also created ONElist which is sold to yahoo, and is now known as yahoo groups.
Craig Newmark of craigslist
Caterina Fake of flickr – flickr reminds me of changkol. =) they were actually creating an online game, and photosharing (flickr) was just a feature of the game but it became the bigger hit so they stop the game and go on with the flickr.
Charles Geschke of Adobe
David Heinemeer Hansson of 37Signals — i think he’s the only programmer in their group, and the rest are graphics designers. =)
Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek Software — he’s also famous for his joel on software blog. and, i think he’s gay.
Jame Hong of Hot or Not
James Curries of Tickle
Blake Ross of Firefox — he’s the youngest being interviewed in the book. he’s just 21.
Mena Trott of Six Apart — they’re the maker of typepad for blogging also. but somehow, wordpress is now more popular than typepad. they’re also the creator of vox.com

these are just some of the businesses in the book. there are still a lot but they’re not that popular for me. =)

the book inspired me to become a founder! demmit, i want to be a founder. who wants to join me?!? let’s create a killer app!

based on the stories in the book, i noticed, startups are usually made up of two kinds of founders — the businessman type and the technical person. in case of apple, steve jobs is the businessman while steve wozniak is the technical person. unfortunately, i don’t fall to any of these categories! therefore, magminyo na lang ko og founder!!! so in my next life, stanford university here i come to fish some ‘founder’ prospect guy! and, please i want the technical guy! gretchen barretto can have the businessman!