am i in hate?!?

i don’t know where to begin but, not really hate, i’m more of tired dealing with globe/globelines/innove (whatever you call them).

first, i requested for line transfer way back in august but i specifically put sept 3, 2007 in the date of transfer. but 3 days after, we no longer have internet/phone connection back at our old place. the internet is like our source of bread/butter/milk so it’s not really funny losing connection. so i called their helpline and was informed that our line was already transferred but it’s still august. so i had to go to their office personally to ask them to cancel the transfer. the csr explained to me that they process request within 48 hours! wow, quite efficient! so what’s the purpose of asking for date of transfer in their form, and nobody explained to me about their 48-hours thingy. and, they’re a communications company, can they at least give a call first for confirmation before cutting our lines. what’s the purpose of asking my phone number, my celphone number, and whatever number?!? duh duh duh!

thankness, i had my internet connection back. but i lost it again first day of september. remember, i already cancelled my request, and they told me to just submit another request when we would be transferring already. i did not submit any request again but still they transfer my connection again. they’re really are efficient!!! i no longer complain this time because i do not want to deal with them again because it’ll be frustrating so i just let it go.

second, fast forward, finally we moved and was glad to find our internet connection waiting. but the thing is we’re having a very slow upload speed – it’s like 128 kbps or worse lower than that. that speed cannot support my voip, and also the torrent! =) it’s like dial-up. we do not have this problem before. so i went to their business office to upgrade my account thinking that it might solve the problem. but still nothing happens to my upload speed. i called their helpdesk, and gi pasa2x jud ko from tech support to customer support. all i get is they have some system restoration here in cebu. according to mark, our problem has nothing to do with the restoration. in the end, i just accepted their reason. today, i went to their business office to report my problem, i’m thinking talking to a support staff face to face is much better. but then all she gave me was that they do not guarantee providing us the speed rate indicated in the packages they offer but they can guarantee for dsl packages that the upload speed will not be lower than 60kbps. whhaattt? so what’s the purpose of the different packages they offer when after all, you’d only be getting a guaranty of 60 kbps! so those globe ads you see, sos, burit ra na!

(anyway, from my own assumption, i think what really happen is that there are places that globe connection is good, and there are places that just have bad connection. so goodluck to to you if you landed in the bad area.)

hay, this is getting nowhere! talking to their support staff is useless, scripted kaayo! it hurts to see/hear them rephrasing and rephrasing their scripts. i should know, i’m a csr too! i really have not much choice. i don’t think pldt has something better to offer (which we also don’t have in the area). so my only hope now is our smart wifi/bro which, unfortunately, is left at our old place alone and lonely!

i’ll just wait for that system restoration they kept telling me to end, and if ever nothing happens to my upload speed. mao na’y giingon nga joey de venecia can i have your broadband deal!

and, our server is broken. i really do not know what the server is for but somehow it sounds important.

kinsa may dili mamatay sa kaabog ana. kung sakit pa ni, gi-TB na amo server!