where was me?

i’m not in London studying fashion designing like angel locsin. i’m still in ‘lacion struggling with my fashion sense. =)

owkeis. for those who care like me, i’ve been busy for the past two weeks with house hunting + paper works, and with my work which decided to be demanding lately. so i’m tired, excited, sad, disappointed, happy, sleepy, mixed emotions in 1 setting. and when i’m in a state like that, my brain would usually clogged up and stopped working. thus, my hobby of documenting my life is on hold.

in the past two weeks:
* finally, we got a house after checking different houses, and feeling giddy of getting each house we found we like and just got disappointed when we’d realized we cannot have them. when i say ‘got,’ i don’t mean buying it in cash. we got it via loan. =) we’ll probably move to the new house by september. no pictures because i feel it’ll jinx it. =) teheee. we’ll still be in ‘lacion, but we’re moving to somewhere ‘bukid2x,’ in briza (or is it brisa?) nangka, ‘lacion. =) so we’ll soon be getting used to ‘habal2x’ rides. =)
* work means training a new co-csr, updating the help site which is always put on hold, plus processing requests of clients which came in plenty lately. =( thus, i barely have time to check multiply and document my interesting life. =)
* plus with my pregnancy, i tend to be lazy since i have ‘valid’ reason to be lazy. i did my ultrasound already, and the baby is 9 weeks. so i’m right that she/he’s around 2 months. the baby on the screen was quite ‘kiat.’ she/he was like waving hands, kicking legs. this looks like not an easy baby. another hyperactive. God, save me! there was a teeny weeny hemorhage(sp?) found on the ultrasound but it’s nothing alarming so nothing to worry about. =)

and, oh i got the whole season 3 of desperate housewives courtesy of ador, the torrent master. =) i’m on episode 13 now. =)