thoughtsie roll

* i’m having a big feeling that our 3rd baby will be a girl. mark also likes to have another girl. so it will be 2 girls against migi boy. =)

* never i will give this baby a name that starts with letter M because my first 2 m’s turned out to be a little close to Monsters. M because of Mark, obviously. and, because i can’t find names i like that starts with letter R.  i have not think of possible names yet. i want something not typical to be coming from us. maybe something that starts with letter A hoping that he/she turned out to be an angel. i have the feeling that we’ll again end up with names of Saints.

* mmm, i’m thinking of Ruby as a name from Ruby on Rails.

* we’re back to zero. except for the wooden cribs (since nobody likes to have it as it’s quite heavy) and those chino pino cloth diapers (since nobody uses cloth diapers these days), all our baby stuffs are gone including my maternity dresses. i had given them all away as i thought it will still be after 5 years that i’ll get pregnant again. sheesshh. wishful thinking. so i’m in the search for the perfect stroller. =)

* mark is considering perpertual socour(sp?) hospital for this 3rd baby because he said he no longer cannot stand the velez hospital. but i’m already used to velez plus if you just get sliced, the look of the hospital is the last thing you care about. plus he’s the one who chose velez before because his family is a velez loyal. his lola’s doctor before was the owner of the velez thus explain the loyalty. honestly, the OR of velez looks scary, i felt like any time i’ll get tetanus from the very old and ‘taya-on’ look of the surrounding. hehehehe. but as my OB said, the facility may not be that advanced but the velez residents are charming. =) so there i’m sold.

* i’m not sure with other hospitals but with velez as they have medical school, usually, you have interns, pgi, then residents sort of assigned to you. when it was migi’s time, there were people who were interns, pgi, and residents. when it was meg’s time, the interns during migi’s time were now pgi’s, the pgi’s then residents, and some of the residents were gone. i’m wondering if i will still meet them with this 3rd, and what will be their level now.
namaligya na ko sa velez.=)

* i’m still having second thoughts about getting ligation. there are scary stories about side effects of ligation on internet. i should have not googled for it. and, then people usually would comment i’m still too young to have ligation. like, huh??? so i’ll have a good talk with my OB first before getting into it.

* current cravings: kfc chicken — too bad, kfc in ayala is still not back.
lansones – i can eat 2 kilos in one go. and, anything medyo aslom, and parat2x (i know parat is bad but promise, i already let go of buwad.)