Spaghetti Factory

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Italian

it’s a new thing in cebu thus mark wanted to try it because he said it’s in the newspapers. i thought it was sort of a sister company of dessert factory but no they’re not, i think.

anyhoo, i’m not a pasta fan. the only spaghetti i’m most familiar is that with the UFC banana ketchup as sauce. =) and, the closest to real spaghetti/pasta experience i have is with sbarro — well, i think they’re real because their pasta is sour (whatever is the connection).

we went there without one of us ordering a spag or anything pasta. so i really have nothing to say about their spaghetti. we should have researched first about different pastas before going there so as not to get lost in the menu. the only thing i recognized was the kiddie meal which consists of spag and chicken (so jollibee or mcdo). =)

mark had ribs. sorry, it was way too sweet for my taste. i’m still for casa verde’s.

ador had beef something which he said did not like too. and, he ordered mango-orange juice thinking that it’s some juice they made but he was so disappointed that he’d get a canned del monte juice. they could have indicate in their menu that it’s a canned juice.

and, i had a hawaiian pizza. the cheese was good but i did not feel the pineapple plus it was burnt. i also ordered italian chocolate fudge cake sthing. the presentation is great but then i’m like eating a stale bread soaked in chocolate. maybe that’s how italian cake tastes like.

so, yes, i don’t think i’m going back there unless someone’s treating me. i’m not a pasta person in the first place. =) pansit/palabok rules!