we went to the pedia last friday as they have scheduled immunization, and it’s after migi’s 3rd birthday so it’s like we need to go there to have his routinary check-up.

so migi now weighs 18.5 kg, which according to his pedia is for a 5 year old kid weight. and meg is 14.5 kg which is good for a 3 year old kid. the doctor did not mention about diet so maybe they’re still in the normal range.

i no longer remember what the pedia was saying the whole time because my kids where everywhere in her office so i was busy trying to control and let them behave. and then she ask me something about if i think migi has some adhd (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(?)). well, i’m not really sure about the attention deficit (of course, i’m a defensive mother.) but i know he’s hyperactive. so i told her about what i notice when he was in playgroup that he did not pay much attention when it’s discussion time but he would participate when it’s arts&crafts time. she said we’ll give it 1 more year before we’ll try going to a developmental doctor. eehhh, sounds scary!!! i can’t imagine having an attention-deficit kid.

aside from the ‘mention’ of adhd, they’re fine. migi is done with his immunization. big big sigh of relief but then of course, by next year, we’ll have another one set for monthly immunization. eehhh, i hate waiting in line for the pedia.

we’re set to come back october for another immunization for meg. i can’t remember what immunization. yes, i will have my 3rd baby soon but i’m still not familiar with all the required shots. all i know is flu vaccine is not a necessary but i still have it for my kids in the thought that it saved my kids from getting sick because sick kids will drive you crazy. so it’s all about placebo effect. (yay, i’m talking nadasense)

as usual, after the pedia, it’s mcdo time, the bestest part. =)