an uncle of mine is here for a 1-month vacation. he works in congo, africa in some diamond mine. he’s a ‘diamond sorter’ — i think it’s like the last stage in mining before diamonds are cut. as always and expected, he usually treats us in ‘sutukil’ in lapu-lapu. it’s a tradition every time he comes home from africa. maybe because he does not get to eat much seafoods there (i’m just guessing). the one with the biggest smile is my uncle.

a neighbor of ours in badian just flew out to canada. so my nanay called me up and was like demanding me to print pictures which i could give to our neighbor before he’d fly away. the pictures are not for him of course, they’re for our sole relatives who are there for 6 years or more, and whom we have not get in contact for like 1 or 2 years. yes, even with the internet and all, we seldom hear from them. mostly, because my aunt and uncle are just not so with the internet technology, i don’t think they even have email addresses. =) i then received a call from them the other day, the day they received the pictures. they were just so happy about the pictures. (this picture in here was one of those i sent) i was glad to hear from them. i was more glad to hear them in a happier note this time. as my uncle now works as safety officer in some government office which was like the main topic in our conversation. i really don’t know what is safety officer (i’m imagining it’s like the head of janitorial services). anyhoo, whatever is that job, i’m so so glad that it’s making them happier now living there. =)