happy 3rd birthday, migi! =)

migi with carlo in their best smiles. yes, he is smiling, he’s not throwing tantrums. carlo is his bestfrenemies, the person who is always on his goodnight list.

migi, i really have not much to say about you. it’s a fact that we’re not that connected. i know your likes and dislikes but i’m not so good with handling your emotions. i’m so sorry for my shortcomings. i’m doing my best to be not so crappy mother to you.

there are times that i wish i could swap you with another baby boy. but then thinking of it, i realized that i do not like you in another kind of way. so yes, i love every inch of roughness in you. and, may we survive each other. =)

i love love love you, robot-cars-airplane-helicopter-bear-hyperactive-snake-eyesfish-lizard-ants-chuckie-milk crazy monster. =)