ghost stories

my MIL is quite a religious person. she believes in lost souls. she usually has this lists of souls which she offers mass every now and then. she has nun/sister friends who could see souls and sort of communicate with them. it is believe that if a place has lost souls living in it, it will affect the living humans of that place more in a negative way  like getting sick, financial problems and whatever problem. so you need to offer prayers and mass to them so that they can move on.

so she asked one of her ‘sister’ friends to do deliverance at the house we’re going to move in. deliverance is like casting out lost souls, or souls that have not moved on. it’s just a short ceremony, prayers and then the sister will give you a list of souls she identified lurking in that place which you will then offers mass so that they could move on. it kinda sound scary.

i do believe in it because i get to experience that it did work.

anyhoo, what the sister found in our new home are:
1. deceit – which according to him between the original owner of the land and tenant
2. a miscarriage 2-month old baby – she said it must be from the previous owner.

the previous owner of that house is a family whose husband is a seaman. a friend of mine who works for a hospital exclusive for seamen just tell me this story about a seaman’s wife who had an ectopic(sp?) pregnancy, and when the doctors counted how many months she is pregnant, it turned out that her husband was not here when she got pregnant. the wife then begged the doctors to not tell her husband. so, yes the wife got impregnated by another man. this kind of stories, according to my friend, is not really unusual.

so when the sister said that there’s a miscarriage at that home, mark and i exchanged looks and knowing smiles. of course, we’re just maliciously assuming things. =)