broken english

i’m not sure if this is an indie film but it looked like one to me. anyhoo, the story is about a woman who has a good career and single, and everybody around here is in a relationship. so she’s sort of desperate to be in a relationship but when the ‘right’ guy came along she was scared to sort of fall inlove and commit because she might just be brokenhearted because the relationship might not work just like the previous ones. blahblah…

then there’s this line in the movie, a stranger told her, it goes something like — some people go into a relationship because they need to be with someone else (or they don’t want to be alone)… and some people get into a relationship because of magic, and you are one of them.

then, mark said, ‘kita tong first line.’ how unromantic of him to think that way!!! but on the other thought, what’s wrong if we do not have the magic factor?