always a southern ‘bell’

had breakfast at jollibee in minglanilla. trivia that is not so trivia. jollibee minglanilla is the only one in cebu that is franchised from a manila office. i don’t see much difference though.

see my cousins who are aunts and uncle of my kids.

then, we went to matutinao beach. it’s the beach you’ll see before you go up to kawasan falls.

on the way home, we had pitstop at molave milk station. it’s somewhere in barili. if you’re tired of shamrock, then you can try this but do not expect much from their food. to be safe, you can have their soft icecream. i’m not sure if it’s made from fresh milk. also, if you’re a milk person, try their own fresh milk (you have a choice of cow’s and carabao’s). i tried their cow’s milk — it’s like the one in groceries only more ‘espiso’ and creamier. what i mean is that it does not have any smell, ‘anghit.’