tuesdays firsts

my 1st time for this baby to visit the OB for check up. the usual, i got this list of tests to do including the ultrasound, and vitamin prescription. as expected, it’s folic acid.

then, my 1st time to get a pap smear. i’ll just skip the details.

mini tip: for OB visits, especially first visit, wear a skirt. =) makes life easier.

after the OB visit, mark said we ought to celebrate for the 3rd baby. yay! since we’re in velez, i’s thinking casa verde. mark said no because it’s noontime, must be ‘init.’ so he said ‘abuhan 3,’ the one in IT park. but i’s not for it. i said i wanted bbq, so i suggested AA’s. he said AA’s not for celebration. he insisted abuhan tres. anyway, we ended up in ILA PUTI, my choice. (i saw a lot of pictures here in multiply re ila puti thus my choice.) it was our first time there. sorry, i was disappointed! =( roma mia could be the safe choice.

did some stuffs here and there after the lunch which i wanted to take care of before i get all bloated and become full grown pregnant whale. and, moving/commuting here and there will then be not easy.

then, dinner time, franee, mark’s workmate, was on ‘treat/bangka’ mode. of course, i joined in. they couldn’t decide where to go so they let me decide. i picked La Maison(sp?) in ayala (again because of the pictures i saw here in multiply). =) then, the la maison staff gave us a mini birthday cake because i told them it’s franee’s birthday. and, then i had all the cake for myself. =) yay! i’m going back to that place for the mini cake. =)