Transformer (1st times)

we watch transformer yesterday. =) i’m not a fan of transformer. i did not grow up watching them maybe because we only had channel 9 on our TV back then (think young love, sweet love, little miss philippines on eat bulaga, agila, etc). but i wanted for migi to see it because lately he’s obsessed with robot, spiderman, anything ‘violent.’ (crappy mama alert) i thought that it’s going to be a treat before he turned big 3. =)

first time for migi to see transformer. first time for him to get inside a movie house. i’s kinda scared that he’d get scared inside the movie house. but so glad he was not. he was so glued to the big TV. from time to time, he’d say — robot, lekipter (helicopter), ai’plane, truck, patay (as in dead).

in allness, i had a blast because i believe migi had fun! though, i just don’t get it why megatron was killed by the US army, and not by optimus prime(sp?). the movie was supposed to be about the robots. =)