the R’s I heart

My random top 10 favorite things starting with a letter “R.” This is from T.

READ. if only i have all the time in the world, i’d do nothing but lay down curling in the bed and read.
RED. i think red is my favorite color next to orange.
RICE. need i say more? i cannot live without it!
REESE WITHERSPOON. she’s one of my favorite hollywood actress. though, i don’t find her that pretty.
RAZR. i fancy an orange motorola razr. i’m not sure if it’s orange or brown or rust basta for me it’s orange.
RED HORSE. the only alcoholic beer i know how to drink. really, i don’t drink (defensive mode) because i hate the taste. so that i would enjoy drinking beer, i would go straight getting myself drunk. and, only red horse gives me that satisfaction. just one bottle, and i’m off to tralalala land, all smiles, and english speaking, and drink like i’m strawing coke. =)
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. next to smashing pumpkins, rhcp is the band i kind of dig back in highschool.
RABINDRANATH TAGORE. i don’t have a thing for poems, or whatever is the name for that type of literature. but, when you talk about poems, he is the first that comes into my mind. i read some of his poems (required reading), and i was kind of mesmerized. i just love asian lit.
ROCKY ROAD. rocky road ice cream flavor. or anything chocolate.
RUBBER SHOES. white rubber shoes. =) tennis player is that you?!

me tagging all who are bored. =) make a list of your 10 favorite things that starts with the first letter of your name…