the bling bling

migi is now in the stage where he knows he has rights. right to insist on what he likes. and, right to be stubborn about it.

one of the things we sort of get into argument is his clothes/footwear. when he knows we’re in for a ‘suroy,’ he would only wear ‘maong’ shorts/pants. and, when you say ‘maong,’ it’s the typical blue denim kind of garment. so anything green, khaki, black shorts/pants is not fit for ‘suroy’ times. it’s scream feast if you insist something for a change.

and closed shoes for ‘suroy.’ and his rotten superman slippers for next door/neighborhood ‘laag’ which i intentionally left somewhere so it would be lost just so i could get rid of them. thinking that he’d wear the new spiderman slippers. but still that did not make him wear the spiderman slippers, which led to many fights between us. so that bring me to just buy another pair for him.

to avoid future arguments, i tagged him along to buy a new pair so he could choose what he likes.  i really like the plain black/brown leather sandals, i did all the sales talk to make him like it. but then all his eyes were on those sesame street colorful sandals that lights up. so i let him choose which he liked from those lighting sandals, then he grabbed two. and, he said the other one is for meg. so, yes, we have 2 pairs of those blinking light sandals.

really, it was not in my list to buy those light2x shoes because they look plain dumb to me. not to offend anybody. (but i don’t think anybody here likes those blinking shoes anyway. =)) but when you see how migi and meg are soooo happy like it’s the coolest thing on earth, who cares about being a dumb mother buying dumb shoes. =)