a documentary movie by michael moore. it’s funny. if you have plans of migrating or going abroad, i recommend you watch this movie. it tells and compares the health care system of different countries. most probably, you’re not going abroad just for the health care but you might want to consider it in choosing the country you want to migrate or go to.

watching the movie, i realized that philippines’ health care system has similarities to US’s but of course US has probably way way way better system than us. think of medical insurance plans which you can ‘buy’ for yourself, or if you’re lucky, you’re company will give you one. i’m not going to elaborate because i’m just guessing.

and, i realized that i’m only exposed to US culture. how sad! =(

and, somehow, i kind of understand now why europe has laidback kind of life/culture, i believe their universal heath care system (is my term right?) can be one of the factors. everything is free, so why the rush? you get paid/reimbursements when you get sick. you can ask the doctor to give you a 3-month vacation note, and the company and the government will pay you for that 3 months. is it not grand? and, yes they have 1 year with pay maternity leave. wow! so, if i were there, i would have 3 years of vacation with pay. =) (edit edit: it’s not really free because there’s tax but still…)

i’m wondering which asian nations has universal health care system.