for the past days, my meal is not complete without bulad. i can totally live with rice and bulad alone. =) and, if there’s no bulad, i substitute it with patis (the real patis, rufina patis, not the silver-swan-soy-sauce patis which i/we refer to). so i now conclude that bulad is my official ‘lihi’/crave food for this baby. =) and, we already run out of bulad thus i saved the ‘salin2x’ of last night’s meal just so i could have that ‘parat2x’ taste for my next meal. =)

with migi, it was those big green mangoes. i would eat them pure, without salt or hipon. i would eat them without blinking my eyes that’s how just i loved them during those days. every time i see green mangoes on display, my mouth would water like waterfalls (tehee). i hated instant noodles at that time, even the smell turned me off.

with meg, i can’t remember much. all i know is that 2 floors below our office is rustan’s super market. =) i hated the chinese lumpia they sold at yum yum tree which i used to love.

but 2 things are consistent among the three pregnancies: i don’t like coffee much. good, because no caffeine daily dose.  but, coke is always on my mind. =)