what parents do not know does not hurt

back in my childhood days, i and a neighborhood friend by the name of moo used to play dares at each other. one of our favorite ‘dare game’ is who gets to come up with the dirtiest ikasen. remember ikasen? if not, think of oishi prawn crackers – more or less the same. the role (*rule) of the game is we’ll take turns in getting a piece of ikasen then make it dirty and dirtier until we’d come to a point that we run out of ideas of how to make it dirtier than each other (*naglisod ko’g ininglis). well, the best part of it is we’d eat the ‘dirty’ ikasen.

moo will dip it into the some mud then eat it. then, i’ll try to make mine dirtier by dipping mine into a mud mixed with water then i’d eat it. then, we’d move into sand, then sand mixed with water, then sand mixed with mud, water. then, we’ll move into mixing our spit, snot, and whatever we can think of just to outdo each other. in fairness, we did not go into pee and poo.

and, moo’s mother is a pediatrician as in doctor for babies/kids. =)

so before you freak out and reach for the nearest alcogel when you see you kids suck on unwashed hands or toys, remember me and moo. we come out as pretty normal adults, i think. =)