pregnancy blues

a close relative is due any time this month. everybody is excited about it already. but then some not good news just popped this week. i don’t know what other feel but i’m certainly so sad about it to the point that i can’t bring my self to see the pregnant couple. but i’m having high hopes that every thing will turn out well.

her last ultrasound showed that the baby might have tumor in the brain and a swelling kidney. but her OB said that the the baby might turn out well. i really did not get much detail about it because i haven’t talk to the mother because i just can’t and i’m not sure if she’s comfy to discuss about it.

nobody’s expecting this (of course, who will) because her first 2 pregnancies were very okay. but i read a lot of stories about this, and their baby turn out fine after birth. i think one of the worries of a pregnant woman is if their baby’s going to be normal or not. with my 1st pregnancy, i was all so worried about ‘autism.’ autism runs in our family (mother side). though, it’s not yet totally proven that autism can be hereditary but it’s the case in our family. it is a belief that it comes out every 2nd generation in our family. we have in our generation, so my kids’ generation will