PBB fraud — can this be true?

maybe you already came across this post about fraud in PBB, but i’m respoting it here. see http://alliele.multiply.com/journal/item/126?mark_read=alliele:journal:126 if you want to read more about it.

i used to watch pbb – the first season to the teens edition. but not this season anymore even if dionne was there. i used to watch her on ‘for life,’ a local cebu show. she’s one of the abs-cbn cebu talents that i find pretty — dionne, sunshine, and that girl on top-gel commercial (i forgot her name).

speaking of dionne, i saw her last sunday on ASAP having a duet with toni gonzaga. congrats to her for making it on national TV. though, i’m scared that she might just be like those other abs-cbn talents who just come and go. i mean, of course, dionne is talented. but it would just be a waste if abs-cbn would only let her sing, ‘hawak kamay’ or whatever ‘birit’ song.

anyhow, i’m looking forward to their new soap, ‘ysabella,’ with judy ann and ryan agoncillo. based on the thrillers, i think it’s not that bad.

and, yes, my ever like kris aquino is back. so ysabella then game ka na ba after, i’m having happy thoughts.

thank to the highest heavens, ‘maria flordeluna’ had ended! everything on that soap is just so irritating. the ‘api2x’ story – that stroyline has been used way before i was born, i think it’s time to let go of it. plus that little girl is soooo mean — it’s too not good role model. and, the ‘api’ girl is sooo flat. instead of pitying her, i wanted her to be ‘api’ more. i’m predicting she’d be laos after flordeluna. i’m so mean!

and, new morning show, umagang kay ganda. really, i’m tired of seeing/hearing tintin’s goodygoody voice and whatnots. i’m glad she’s gone. but i like julius. rica peralejo is on the new show. i don’t like rica ever. i don’t know why basta i just don’t like her. donita rose is also on the new show. for me, donita rose is just a pretty face. =) rica, donita?!? we’ll see. for now, i’m giving the new show until december, and they’ll  be gone! =)

i’m so mean!