major klutz with memory loss

last tuesday, i bought some stuffs from national bookstore, ayala — clearbook file, watercolors, paint brushes, and ballpens. right now, i don’t know where they are. for sure, i did not bring them home because i could not find it anywhere and nobody can remember me bringing an NBS plastic bag the other day. And, I can’t remember/trace/picture out the last place/time I had it with me. I probably left it in super metro (*metro ayala) because i was going around that place before i went home.

blame it to the 2 major anethesias(?) i had in my life. honestly, i’m really like that eversince. the anesthesias could have just worsen it.

i’m just glad i don’t lose(?) anything biggie/major yet. or, maybe i did but i just forget about it already. alzheimer’s is that you?!?