kagahi gyud

the hosts of a local cebu (di ba redundant?) show were speaking in tagalog as they have guest hosts from the manila. i was amazed to find the cebu hosts were not bad with their tagalog. for my standards, they’re fluent enough. and, to those who said cebu people can’t do tagalog, i could say, ‘eat your hear out.’ =) not until one cebu male host, after his long speech, said something like, ‘ano ba ang tagalog ng ‘audience’? nahihirapan na akong mag tagalog,’ right in front of everybody. there goes my hope down the drain.

before, i always thought that speaking tagalog was easy. i thought it’s not really far from cebuano. not until, i was confronted with true blue tagalog speaking people. my tongue seems to get stuck. i so have lots of boo moments. =) but the best moment i can remember was the, ‘derecho then tutuyok. tutuyok ba. yang ganyan ganyan (with matching hand signals).’ i was giving directions to a tagalog guy inside a jeepney bound for colon because nobody would entertain him. what i was trying to tell him was, ‘go straight, then turn right.’ what i was thinking — ‘tutuyok’ is so far from ‘turn right?’  i could see the other people inside the jeepney trying to hide their smiles/laughs. well, at least i was being miss friendship.