ipod anatomy

our 4-year old ipod mini can only last for 2 hours if used straight — bad battery life. actually, i don’t care. as if i really have the 2 hours straight to use it. anyway, mark bought some brandless ipod-like batt (i can’t say it’s ‘imit’ because the packaging does not say anything about ipod) to replace the old one. the battery was around P300+ (i don’t know what’s the price of the original batt). i think it’s more of the curious child in him that make him wanted to open up the thing. the ‘fixing’ was just the 2nd motive.

there are a lot of tutorials/step-by-step instructions/videos about how to change ipod batt on the net so you don’t need to be genius to do it. there’s even tutorial on how to replace the memory in case you want to upgrade. but if you don’t want to do it yourself, the istore in BTC offers the service for you at P500 excluding the battery. the downside of ipod’s design.

the opening of the ipod was just easy. but mark got stuck for some time in putting back the ‘inside’ with the new batt because the new batt was just a bit bigger than the old one. and, he had to put some elmer’s glue to finally seal it.