for those who have son

in one episode of homeboy, they have celebrity fathers as the guests. typical pinoy talkshow, at then end of the show, they were asked to give some message to their kids, other fathers and anybody in general. the usual answer of the guests were messages for their kids that they love them and they’re always there for them blahblah. what caught my attention was francis m’s message. he said something like that he needs to be tougher on boys, more strict on them than her daughters because the boys will soon have their own family. they will be the one responsible in raising his own family. they cannot just turn their back on their family when something goes wrong thus he needs to be tough on them. while he tends to be soft with his girls, because he said that if ever something goes wrong with her daughters’ own family/relationship, he can always take them back.

i find it so true. =)