First day high excerpts (the tale of the 3 bffs and mine)

  • Carlo was calling looking for migi, and was saying on the phone, ‘school na migi. School na migi,’ in his cute little voice.
  • At 745am, migi was still deep in sleep. I was on dilemma – ‘let him sleep, he’s just a kid’ vs. ‘wake him up and seize the day.’
  • Carlo was probably tired of waiting for migi so he came over to our house. So up went migi and off to school
  • When we arrived at the school, Maia was already there sitting properly with her pencils and paper.
  • Migi did not bring his paper and pencil. He wanted to borrow Maia’s but she won’t let him, and you know what happens next – shouting and crying. What a nice way to start schooling!

  • Story time, I overheard:

Teacher: Kini si papa bear, mama bear, ug goldilocks. Nindot iya buhok kay gold.

Then, Teacher: Nikaon sila og lugaw. Kaila ba mo og lugaw?

One pupil: O. Tagai ko lugaw beh.

  • Singing time:

Teacher: Powent to West. Powent to east. Powent to the one that you like best.

One guardian commented: Ka wa sa’y ininglis aning teachera oy.

There goes English proficiency.


The room was small – as in small like our bedroom (if you see our matchbox home, you could imagine how small it is.). The only ceiling fan is broke. So it’s cramped, not much space to move, and hot – with 15-20 kids plus their guardians. Imagine that. And, the room was located right in the middle of houses so close to each other thus there’s really not much ventilation.

At the first look of it, the social climber wannabe snob in me was screaming, “This is so uncool. What would my friends, Gretchen Bareto and the likes, would say to me?” But I could also hear Lumen, my Surf wais friend, “It’s your reality. Deal with it.”

Thinking about it, it’s hard to accept that our real world is not all sunshiny, rainbows, and Barney beautiful. With our status and all, I have to accept that everything will not come easy to my kids. I don’t find it sad or negative but who would also not welcome to have everything easy and Barney beautiful. Plus being a parent, I cannot help but want to have the best of both worlds. What is best? That I really do not know. Yay, enough of my being philosophical (if you can call this as such). I’m going nowhere.

Really, I can be just sourgraping. I really wanted to be like Gretchen Bareto, and send my kids to British school so they’ll have some British twang like Madonna.

To my kids, welcome to the jungle! Mama Bear is just around the corner! She may not have golden hair but sure she has golden heart. =) (yay, nonsense!)

All in allness, seeing Carlo, Maia, and Migi just being together in big smiles or in ugly tears is more than Barney beautiful. =)