finally na TAG

tenchu ash and cara for tagging me. i feel sikat ever. =)

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits or facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names.

1. i used to have a shoeboxfull of memorabilia from my crushes.
the stuffs in there varied from pictures of stolen shots, used tissues, cigarette butts, mouse pads, whatnots. =) i once had this smoker crush, i stole 2 sticks from his red marlboro pack. once i reached our boardinghouse, i smoked the 2 sticks in 1 setting which made me sooo dizzy (that drunk feeling) that i was not able to get up to our room. niligid na lng ko sa lantay. (note: i don’t smoke.)

2. i think my oldest habit, i have this since childhood, when riding in a car, i’ll be adding the plate numbers i would see on the way in all possible combinations.
for example, plate number ghl 461. i’ll be doing like:  4+6+1 = 11, 6+4+1 = 11, 1+4+6 = 11, 6+1+4 = 11, 4+1+6 = 11, 1+6+4 = 11 and so on until i felt like i have done all possible combinations. i think this started when i learned how to do additions, i just want to check if the total will be the same for all combinations. or, maybe i’m just plain bored when commuting.

3. i must lie down when reading a book or studying.
i feel like i can absorb/understand faster when lying down (nik hypothesized that it can be because of law of gravity). so even if i wanted to go with my boardmates/friends to study in dunkin donuts fuente (i think this is the only 24/7 place before), i would pass for the obvious reason that i cannot lie down there. and, i would put my notes/books/readings under my pillow before i sleep. because i believed that the info will crawl into my brains while sleeping.

4. call me people-pleaser but i’d like to say that i’m just being empathetic (naa ba’y in-ani nga word?). so if you ask for my opinion, i would give you the answer you like to hear. =)

5. i have a very bad penmanship.
it’s so bad that i need to photocopy others notes because i could not understand my own handwriting.

6. my nanay received comments from other people, mostly from gay, that they thought i’m lesbian. they’re really surprised when they’d know that i got married to a male specie. i’m never the girly type. do i have lesbian tendencies? hahahha… i think that’ll be another post. ellen degeneresis(sp?) is that you?!?

7. i’m ‘himantayon’/chismosa. i like to know little details of a person. especially stuffs that are unexpected or unlikely for that person like a macho guy who loves powerpuff girls. =) or, that people have names for their gadgets and such. thus, i really love reading these TAG posts.

i’m tagging the following people in my network:
aubrey – because it’s been a long long long time i haven’t seen you in person. just want to check if you’re still maldita. =)
andrew p – this this time i want to hear your thoughts =)
athena – the ever busy mother/career/lover =)
chiklets – because you’re in dubai right now. it’s always fun to hear artist’s thoughts.  =)
faye/ma’am faye – the big time in my network. =)
floyd – kay daghan nacrush nimo nga kaila nako. weeee
frances – who makes my brain works. i sometimes need to invest time reading her posts before i could get them. hehehhe
fretzhie – the pretty girl of mingla
govinda – the fiona apple mommy
ian c – my chocolates, doncha ever forget =)
in-in – but will always be libeth to me.
jade – the emo that bake/writes/paints
jenneth c – inlove?
jenny cruz – the pretty xlibris hr
joel mcvie – he’d probably not read this. i love his blogspot blog
karenjen – the girl enjoying the summer (summer ba?) way up in north america.
keith b – give us the fun side of yours =)
liyah bayot – i hope makabasa ka ani.
kristy l – ang lumalarga sad og dubai. artist drain na ang phili. =)
babylou – the hearter forever now in dili =)
joy maia v – ang astig na TL.
mark orito – was happy got an invite from him. been lurking on his posts.
meagan – ako classmate sa history ni dela cerna. =)
meema – the ultimate anime/computer geek
mhalou – the ever pretty xlibris frontliner
nik g (dominic) – i hope it will not be all about maja ross.
nina – ever fashion galore. =)
patskie – scrub-no-more. probably,  the guy with the biggest network in my contact list. i know u’ve been tagged.
rhai q – hope this will make you post something that i can read. =)
riggy – because u’re stariray. =)
rnyl – the ever slim ako kasuyaan.
sir mike – i’m just giving this a shot. most probably, he would not reply to this.
melanie p – ang inlove nga writer
therese – me not tagging you. u’ve been tagged many times =)

rules said to tag only 7 people. but rules are meant to be broken. =) so with promises. =)