finally it’s over

May is over so is Migi’s first try on schooling/playgrouping/whateveryoucallit. I’m assuming he did get something from the experience — learning while having fun. Because I’m sure I learn bits and bits of this and that. And, I could say I can qualify now to be a playgroup teacher. =) Though, it was tiring on my end but it was overall fun.

It was in playgroup I got to observe that kids are really different. There are kids who love to listen to their teacher and participate. There are kids who love doing the arts & crafts. There are kids who love the sing and dance. There are kids who love the play time. There are kids who love all of the above — I could say parents who have these kind of kids are lucky. And, there are kids who just seem to have their own world — meaning they’re not interested at all. =) Well, for migi, he loves the arts & crafts time and, most of all, the play time. Not bad.  So if it’s sing&dance portion and teacher-student discussion time, he is in his own world.

Migi, with all the new faces and environment he was in, I got to see the personality of him that is so I and Mark. When he’s with the neighborhood kids and cousins, he usually is a bully and chatty and a bit loud. But in the playgroup, he sort of played down his self to be more of a wallflower and contented himself with observing what was happening around him, trying to adjust and be comfortable and getting his self to fit it in. At the beginning, you’d see him sucking his hands when he’s around with the kids and the teachers — I took it as a sign that he’s trying to comfort his self. He’s like taking it as 2-steps-forward-1-step-backward (is this correct? just read between the lines then). Then, later on he’s like, ‘what the heck. i want to be me.’ I’d say that he finally got over the new things and experiences, when he no longer sucks his hands and stay in one corner. You’d see him already running all over the place without a care.

It’s in playgroup that you’d see how some of the mothers/fathers are like, and so with yayas/nannies.

There are mothers who are being-on-time conscious. There are mothers who can be overprotective. There are cool mothers. There are plain looking. There are who are like cut out from fashion magazines. There are lots of Koreans! There’s a mother who’s there because of the hype — yes, it’s I. =)

With yayas/nannies/ates, there are those who come in uniforms. There are also fashionistas who could pass as the mothers, and there are also plain looking. There are who are text-obsessed. There are who gets so chika with their love lifes(?). There are the accented english-speaking yayas. There are yayas who try to outdo each other who has the better, nicer, richer ‘amos.’

Then, I learned that most of the kids were just there for the summer. Though some are staying for the incoming school year. Some will go to Woodridge. Some will go to Southcrest. Some will go to Springdale. Some will go to Sacred Heart. Some are not going anywhere. As for Migi, he will be going to Ma’am Elsie’s Barangay Day Care Center together with his best frenemies/cousins/playmates Carlo and Maia. It’ll surely be a new adventure. =)