i read something about quarterlife ‘crisis’ when i tried to look back what i was doing when i was 25. i was picturing i got married at the age of 23 going on 24 — this is what i answer every time i’m asked how old when i got married — so when i was 25 migi was just small and i’m pregnant with meg. but something so wrong. the ages do not connect with my kids’. it made me look for our marriage certificate.

what i found out:
wedding date: march 6, 2004
my birthday: may 18, 1981

so i was actually 22 going on 23 when i got married. gave birth to my migi at 23. then got pregnant again at 23 going on 24. then gave birth to the my meg at 24. so at my 25th birthday, migi was 1 year and 9 months and meg was 8 months. =)

gawd, i always thought i got married when i was going on 24. i believe i’m pretty much in the biggest denial that i got married so young…

this is the only picture i found from a friend who posted it in her multiply account. we never have print-outs of our wedding pictures. they were all saved on mark’s old laptop which is already ‘guba.’ though mark said they’re saved somewhere in the cyberspace. =)

karaang tawo man ayo tan-awon oy.